Middle School

Biblical Perspective: God reveals Himself to us through His word, The Holy Bible. Our study of the Bible teaches us the nature and the character of God and how He has bridged the gap between us, due to our sin, making us right with Him again. The Bible instructs us how to live in this world, glorying God in the process. As Christians, we seek to live according the truths and principles found in the Bible and to share with those around us who do not yet know the love of our great God so that we might all spend eternity with Him.

The Bible program is designed to meet the needs of learners at various levels of spiritual growth. At each grade level, students develop understanding and application of knowledge. Middle School begins with a Bible survey course in 6th grade which emphasizes God’s relationship with man throughout history. In 7th grade, the focus is on the life of Jesus Christ. The character qualities and life principles that Jesus lived and taught are used in a variety of life application activities. An emphasis on Christian daily living is present in the 8th grade curriculum. In all grades, students do more than memorize Bible verses. They are also called upon to explain how specific verses and biblical truths apply to their lives.


Memory work and application is an integral part of the curriculum at each grade level, for example:

  • 1st - Familiar Bible truths that emphasize God's relationship to people
  • 2nd - Bible characters and positive character traits exhibited throughout the Bible
  • 3rd - The life of Christ and missions (spreading the message of the gospel)
  • 4th - Biblical doctrines and Bible study tools
  • 5th - Overview of the Old Testament with a focus on biblical character traits