The science program is designed so that students have sufficient time to develop a deeper understanding of essential ideas rather than a superficial acquaintance with many isolated facts. This program is aligned to state standards. At each grade level, units are divided among Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth Science, with many hands-on activities. In addition, each spring the entire school participates in Ocean Week.  During this unit, each grade level studies a different habitat of the ocean culminating in an all-school “habitat parade”.

Middle School

Biblical Perspective: God reveals Himself to us through the universe He created. His intelligent design is clearly seen in the natural world: in time, space, and matter. He continues to sustain all of His creation. Mankind is unique in being made in the image of God, different from the animals. Our study of science is a response to the responsibility He has given us to take care of the world He created and the natural resources He has given us.

Our science program is inquiry based, engaging students and creating enthusiasm and interest. Students are challenged with real-life applications requiring them to think beyond the information presented. STEM skills are emphasized at each grade level. The curriculum materials are visually appealing and technology rich. A large selection of resources support students with varied learning styles. Careful selection of STEM and Next Generation Science Standards serve as the basis of our instruction. Grade level studies are topic specific in Middle School. In the sixth grade, learning focuses on earth and space science, the 7th grade focus is life science, and physical science is the basis of the 8th grade curriculum.