Performing Arts

Music Education - Elementary

All elementary students participate in the music education program at MCS, taught by a qualified music instructor.  The selected curriculum presents music theory and cultural lessons. Third grade students learn to play the recorder for 10 weeks culminating in a spring concert.

Choral Music

Our music teachers provide a variety of activities and instruction that fosters an appreciation for music. Throughout the year, students perform in musical performances to give glory to God for the gift of music and to entertain and inspire our families. Costs are not covered by tuition.

Honor Choir

Honor Choir is available from sixth grade through eighth grade. The students perform at a variety of venues including concerts and music festivals. There is a participation fee for Honor Choir.


Instrumental music is available from fourth grade through eighth grade. We have beginning band, advanced band, a middle school band and a jazz band. Private lessons are arranged during the school day. Band practice is before or after school. There is a monthly cost associated with Band.

Middle School Musical

Middle School Musical is offered during one of the trimesters each year. The student may perform by singing, dancing, acting, or supporting in stage management. There is a participation fee for Middle School Musical.