Learning Lab

Our Learning Lab staff is available to work with students, parents and teachers, when extra help is needed for academic success. Students with classroom attention issues are given the skills and training to help them succeed. The Lab also offers the Renaissance Club for highly qualified students in grades 3 – 8. Each of the Learning Lab programs are fee based and not covered by tuition.
For more information or to request learning lab services, please email Learning Lab Director, Kathy Yao at KYao@MilpitasChristian.org, or call at Ext. 11401.


Tutoring is available for all grades K-8. Subjects for Instruction include:

  • Math
  • Language Arts
  • Reading fluency / comprehension
  • Writing skills
  • Early literacy skills for grades K-2
  • ELL (English Language Learning)
  • Other areas as needed
Regular School Year - Community and MCS students register for tutoring here!


Monthly Tutoring Fee Schedule (link)



Test Proctoring

Students who deal with a variety of learning issues sometimes struggle with performing to the best of their ability in the regular classroom setting when it comes to taking tests. The Learning Lab offers services for students who need:
  • Tests read to them
  • To dictate answers to someone else to write down
  • A quieter, less distracting testing environment with someone who can keep them focused and on task and at a slower pace

Learning Disabilities Assistance

Public School District Student Study Team Evaluations, IEPs (Individual Educational Programs) Services, and 504 Plan implementation.Assistance is provided to parents as they seek help in assessing their student for possible learning disabilities and remediation. Services in the areas of preparing initial information packets, contacting district offices, meeting with Student Study Teams (SST), and guiding parents in determining the best learning environment for their student are provided. Support for follow-up meetings with the SST, working with classroom teachers to implement any prescribed accommodations and modifications, and ideas to assist the student at home are also offered.While the Learning Lab is not a Special Education Program, for those students who have been identified as having mild to moderate learning disabilities, a selection of services are offered. These services are designed to meet the individual need(s) of the student, using research-based methods and materials.

English Language Learner (ELL)

ELL evaluations and services are provided for those students needing additional support in their learning of the English language. Speaking, reading, writing, and vocabulary skills are strengthened in a one-on-one tutoring environment.

Gifted Program

Towards the end of the school year, all 2nd Grade students and any new students to MCS who have entered the 3rd through 8th grades are given an assessment to begin the process of identifying gifted learners. Milpitas Christian School uses a three-point identification process: an intellectual/cognitive ability test, performance on a nationally norm-referenced test, and a behavior assessment.
The purpose of identifying students as gifted learners is to ensure that students are receiving an education and learning environment that best meet their needs. While students are placed within the general education classroom, care is taken to make certain other gifted learners will be grouped with them.
Milpitas Christian School offers an after school enrichment program, The Renaissance Club, for gifted learners. This program is designed to provide social and emotional support with like-minded peers, as well as an opportunity to expand students’ critical thinking skills and well-rounded education.

Register for The Renaissance Club offerings at this link.

For more information about The Renaissance Club, please email Learning Lab Director, Kathy Yao at KYao@MilpitasChristian.org, or call at Ext. 11401.


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