ACSI Speech Meet

MCS students are encouraged to participate in the ACSI Speech Meet Competitions. Speech contests inspire elementary and middle school students to improve their communication and performance abilities. Applied competitive speech environments lead to increased self-confidence, and lay a foundation for Christian leadership. (Adapted, in part from ACSI)
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ACSI and MCS Activities List for 2017-2018 school year (link) ;  ACSI and MCS Activities Calendar 2017-2018 school year  (link)

Elementary Speech Meet : Grades 1-6

A student demonstrates his/her ability by delivering a memorized poem, speech, or passage to the audience. Selections may be taken from the ACSI Elementary Speech Materials collection or from other sources as long as copyright policy is followed. One student from each class in a grade level may represent their school in each available category.
Students may participate in one of the following grade level categories:
  • Grade   1    - Poetry, Bible Memorization
  • Grades 2–4 - Poetry, Bible Memorization, Fable and Folklore
  • Grades 5–6 - Poetry, Dramatic Bible Prose, Bible Memorization, Patriotic Oration, Original Speech
The event is a half-day event. Students do not compete against one another. Every participant receives a certificate of participation and a ribbon indicating Superior, Excellent, or Good.

Junior High Speech Meet | Grades 7–8

 A student conveys his/her ability in speech by selecting and presenting a passage, monologue, or original speech. It may be either read or memorized, at the discretion of your meet chairperson. Junior High selections are not available through the ACSI office; schools must develop their own library of materials for categories requiring published works. Selections must be of high literary quality that reflect a proper Christian spirit and taste.
Students may participate in many categories such as the following (may vary within districts):
  • Dramatic & Humorous Poetry Dramatic Reading
  • Humorous Reading
  • Original Speech
  • Costumed Monologue, Humorous Costumed Monologue, Dramatic Visual Aid Speech
  • Puppetry
  • Bible Memorization and Application
The Junior High Speech Meet is a half-day. Every participant receives a certificate of participation. Olympic-style medals are given for First, Second, and Third places in each category based on total points earned.


Watch 3 MCS students preparing to participate in the 2013 ACSI speech meet!