Student Learning Outcomes


 MCS graduates will be Followers of Christ who:

  1. Model a biblical worldview in daily living that strengthens or results in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  2. Articulate answers to basic worldview questions
  3. Effectively communicate and defend the basics of the Christian faith as they apply to real-life situations
  4. Demonstrate self-discipline and identify Christian character traits in themselves and others

 Creative and Complex Thinkers who:

  1. Work independently and collaboratively to build on the ideas and reasoning of others
  2. Analyze and evaluate information to solve problems
  3. Create and apply innovative solutions to real life situations



Community Contributors who:

  1. Demonstrate civic and moral responsibility in engaging our world from a biblical worldview perspective.
  2. Identify and celebrate the God-given talents and abilities of themselves and others
  3. Utilize their talents and abilities to benefit the school, home, church and the communities in which they live
  4. Participate in service opportunities as caretakers of God's creation

Effective Communicators who:

  1. Gather and interpret information from a variety of sources
  2. Organize, synthesize and evaluate relevant information
  3. Articulate concepts, ideas and opinions in a variety of forms (oral, written, non-verbal, artistic, and technology)