Each person who gives of their treasure, should do so cheerfully and faithfully based on their ability and calling to do so (2 Cor 9:6-7). Prayerfully consider sharing a portion of your wealth or volunteer your time and talents in accordance with the gifts provided by the Holy Spirit and the providence of our God.

Milpitas Christian School is a place to learn and it is also a place of ministry. The MCS vision, mission, purpose, and philosophy of Christian education statements weave the goals of providing a high quality education with a Biblical worldview, coupled with a purposeful intent of transforming young people to become and live a Christian lifestyle. The essence of these ideals are beautifully intertwined.    

The Church you attend is dependent on the Church community to support its operational, and long-term visions, and the spiritual and physical needs of the body. A church flourishes by its body’s understanding of God's word to faithfully and cheerfully give tithes and offerings as well as time and talent. Consistent with its own vision and mission, the Church also accepts gifts, pledges, and capital donations for the furtherance of missions and capital campaigns. 

Like a Church, Milpitas Christian School depends on its school family, friends, and businesses from the community to provide funding to bridge the budgetary gap to meet the true cost to educate a child. MCS does graciously accept generous charitable contributions, monetary gifts, proceeds from periodic capital campaigns, gifts in kind, and voluntary service from its school family. The kind generosity expressed in giving creates a platform to provide students at MCS a high quality education, the development of fine Christian character, values, and standards . The objective is to equip MCS students and new Alumni to become good citizens with abilities to navigate life, be a positive influence to others, and be successful in a diverse and complex world.

May God bless you all!


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